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Grid provides a variety of graphic design & illustration services for the Mt. San Antonio College community. Whether you are a campus department or a club, feel free to inquire about how we can assist you. We are a network of graphic design students that collaborates to provide you with quality design work.


Student volunteers in the club take on the projects that are submitted on a case-by-case basis. Unfortunately volunteers are not always available, but we try to take on every project that's submitted. You can submit projects of any type, however we cannot commit to projects that require constant maintenance, such as weekly flyers, newsletters or making minor updates to web pages.


There is no guarantee we will be able to work on your project

Projects are taken on by students that volunteer their free time. Once you submit your project, it will be presented to our club members. We will let you know whether or not we are able to find volunteers for your project as soon as possible.

Production Time

Student volunteers typically have a heavy workload due to the hours required to complete homework assigned in design courses, as well as limited access to design software. The skill level among club members varies from beginner to expert, so production time is not easy to predict and time for revisions must be kept in mind. Projects also require time for research, conceptualization, and development. Depending on the scope of the project, designs can take anywhere from a week to two months to complete.

Urgent Work

We can not take on any projects that do not provide us with adequate time to work. Projects are presented to our club members through our online discussion board and at club meetings. It may take up to two weeks to find a designer if we can find one at all. At that point, it would take a few weeks to produce the designs. You should try to submit your projects at least one month ahead of the due date.

Finalized Details

It's important you submit your projects with all the final details. Designs are created considering with the content in mind and it can cause volutneers to commit unnecessary hours redesigning your project to fit the changing needs. It is your responsiblity to submit all the details of your project, so it's important to keep in mind that a project may not meet it's deadline if the details keep changing. This includes the name of an event, as a name change may require a signficant amount of adjustment.


Unfortunately we do not provide printing services. We may be able to refer you to professional printers in the area.

Attention: Donations are appreciated

Our club does not fund raise through traditional means. Our mission is to serve Mt. SAC and it’s community with graphic design work and to provide our members with experience working on projects outside of the classroom. If you have any money in your budget or funds that can be donated to the club and are satisfied with our work, please consider this option. Donations help our club members with fees associated with AIGA affiliation, sponsoring club member entries into design competitions, and funding skill building workshops and field trips. If you decide to make a donation please contact our faculty advisor at bbouskill@mtsac.edu for additional information.

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Is the content finalized?

If your content is not finalized, we are not responsible if there are delays. Club members volunteer their free time, please do not submit anything that isn't near final, as it drives up production time significantly.